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Please be sure you read and understand these FAQs


We offer 30 minute time slots for each student.  

Please arrive on time.  If you arrive 10 minutes late your session will only be 20 minutes, etc. We WILL NOT stay later to finish a shoot for a late arrival UNLESS YOU MADE ARRANGEMENTS via a phone call due to traffic or other circumstances.

You can either take cap and gown photos only or wear something nice to your session for other portrait options. Sample photos are available to view in the next gallery.  We also offer outdoor portraits when weather allows at a location of your choice!  The pricing and what is included will not be as listed, so call for details.



Whether or not you choose the smallest package we will take a few different poses to give you a variety to choose from.  Some can be in dressy attire, some in cap and gown (if you choose to do both) 

 Be sure to dress appropriately:

 Be sure to arrive completely prepared (hair, clothing, makeup, etc.). We will be providing the cap and gown.  Keep in mind the cap will have to go on your head so wear your hair down or half up.  the gown is a v-neck so your shirt may show on top, and your nails may show so be sure to have them clean and/or painted.

After the Session:

Once we are done taking the photos  You will receive an E-mail within 10 days once the photos are ready to view. 

When you view your photos online you will then be able to choose the pose(s) you would like printed.  We will have your information and purchase listed and directions on how to choose.  At this time you have the option to buy additional prints and/or digital files.

  We pride ourselves in choosing the best options as well as making sure your images will be print ready.  Custom editing is available, ie. Fly-aways, blemishes, teeth whitening... and may require extra fees.  


Q: Why do we have to pay up front?

A: We want to be sure you have something special to remember this moment in your life.  When you purchase a package you will have tangible prints to forever cherish.  After the years of coming to your school to capture these moments we feel it is beneficial in many ways when you purchase your package before.  Keep in mind you will be able to order additional prints/packages once you see your photos!

Q: how many photos do you take?

A:  There is no set amount of shots.  We have a set "formula" or system we feel works.  When you come prepared with a nice outfit we take those photos first.  We take a variety of poses and many shots of each pose to be sure you have enough images to choose from. 


Q: Do we have to dress nice?

A: Yes, regardless on whether or not you would like to be photographed in your regular clothes, the shirt you decide to wear WILL be seen in the cap and gown photo.  Be cautious of shirts that have a busy top part that may show through the gown.


Q: Will you see my nails in any of the photos

A: Yes, make sure your fingers are clean!


Q: what is a payment plan?

A: We know that everyone's situation is different.   If you would like to make a payment arrangement you must contact us via Email and tell us which package you are purchasing.  There will be a fee attached to each package to cover processing fees and other charges. 

 Please contact Lisa 



Q: How long will it take to see the photos?

A: You will usually get your email within 7-10 days of the session.  This gives us time to sort the images and edit for quality.


Q: Can I have portraits taken with a friend who also goes to this school?

A: Yes, however keep in mind when you are choosing a package how many "poses" are included in the prints.  If you choose the 1 pose package you can only print 1 picture.  You may want to purchase a larger package and mix and match some portraits of you alone as well as a few with your friend.  The person who paid for the package will be the only person allowed to take an individual photo. 


Q: Can I bring someone with me while we take photos?

A: Yes.  We want you to be comfortable so if bringing a friend/significant other or a parent will do so then they are more than welcome!  Keep in mind that there will be no other photography allowed before or after sessions are occurring.  Also we ask that you and your guest be courteous of others while sessions are ongoing. 


Q: How long will it take to receive the prints?

A: It can take up to 6 weeks for printing to be finished and shipped once you decide, however you will generally have them before that.


Q:  Can I pick up my prints?

A:  Yes, you can choose to pick them up.  Shipping fees are calculated in the packages as well as tax.  You will not be reimbursed for shipping if you choose to pick up.  Pick up locations are in Brick or at the school if I am still taking photos there. 


Booking Details

Please read all information and provide signature below.

All images are copyright of Lifetime Impressions Photography. It is illegal to copy, scan or print images.

By signing this form you give the right to Lifetime Impressions Photography to use your images for advertising and marketing purposes. Use may include but is not limited to internet usage and future mailings. Lifetime Impressions will not use your name, address, phone or email in any marketing.

The use of personal video, phone, or digital camera at your photo session is strictly prohibited.

Liability: Lifetime impressions Photography is not responsible for lost, mislaid or stolen property that may occur during your session. Client agrees not to hold Lifetime Impressions liable for any loss, expense or injury arising from or in connection with the photography sessions will any pursuant to this agreement.

Images will be stored on the site for 3 months from the date they are posted. Digital files will be deleted from the gallery after three months and will only be available for an additional fee. Please choose your images for your order in a timely manner.  

After 1 year of the portrait session the files will no longer be available to order.  

Images are edited at the photographers discretion. Online gallery will not include every image shot. Lifetime Impressions reserves the right to edit and release only those deemed creditable as professional in quality and within artistic standards. Images will be edited for brightness, color and cropped for printing. Any other editing may be discussed and may require an additional fee i.e. teeth whitening, flyaway removal, blemish removal.

All sales are final except situations stated below:
Lifetime Impressions takes the upmost care and precautions when handling your files, but will not be held liable for any unforeseen damages or loss of any images/files beyond our control. If this should occur we will offer another session or refund in the amount paid, or at a percentage when a partial loss may occur. If you are unable to make your appointment and have already paid you MUST contact us 24 hours before the session. We will put you into the next date you are available and the ballroom is available. You can change the date one time. After that we will charge a new session fee of $25.

Reshoots will only be granted when the quality of work is deemed not suitable for print. Lifetime Impressions takes every precaution to fix hair, wardrobe, and lighting. Lifetime Impressions reserves the right to decide whether or not to reshoot for free. The parties agree that if a request for reshoot is not a fault of the photographers there will be a $50 retake fee, and date will be requested based on photographers and Casino Ballroom availability.

Handle your portraits with care. Lifetime Impressions will not be responsible for any damage incurred as a result of improper handling while framing or handling by the customer. We take the utmost care in packaging your portraits for delivery as well. If they come in damaged you MUST show proof of damages on the original mail and return to the photographer when requested.

Before any order is printed or delivered it must be paid for in full. You have the option to add onto your purchase once you view your images. Some prices may not include sales tax.

Thank you so much for choosing Lifetime Impressions!
I am so excited to meet with you all and make this another wonderful year at Georgian Court University!
Lisa Reardon
Lifetime Impressions


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